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Our Impact

Since 2002, the Ten Percent Foundation has donated over £213,000 to various charities.

We focus on supporting smaller-sized charities with specific projects and minimal overhead costs to ensure maximum impact.

What we do

Our commitment to philanthropy is deeply rooted in our corporate ethos. We follow the 10% Principle, by giving away 10% of our net profits.

We donate directly

We make no money and charge no fees, ensuring that 100% of our donations go directly to carefully vetted projects in the UK and Africa.

We support diverse causes

We fund a variety of charities, including those focused on education, health, poverty alleviation, and the environment, as well as community projects to have a wide-reaching impact

We research carefully

We carefully review each charity to ensure it meets our criteria for donation, prioritising transparency, low overhead costs and a direct impact

We encourage

Through the Ten Percent Campaign, we inspire other businesses to donate up to 10% of their net profits to charity

Our numbers speak

We enjoy giving away our profits each year, supporting various charities, and hearing positive responses from the organisations we donate to.

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