charity: Reinvented.

Welcome to the Ten Percent Foundation, a new way of charitable giving. We make no money, we charge no fees and we donate directly to carefully vetted projects in the UK and Africa.


Who are we?

10% to charity

The 10% Principle - keep 90% of net profits and give away 10%.


Who do we donate to?

the campaign

The Ten Percent Campaign aims to encourage other businesses to donate up to 10% of their net profits to charity.

Why the Ten Percent Foundation?

Find out all about us. Click here for our FAQ

No Administrative Fees

We charge no fees, no costs, no expenses, no charges, no profits, no overheads. Nothing.

Experienced Philanthropists

23 years donating experience, with over £175,000 distributed since 2000.

Donations to Small Charities

We do not donate to larger sized 'corporate' charities.

100% to Charity

We distribute the Ten Percent Group's donations to charity.

donation updates

We post any letters from charities we receive, thanking us for our donations, and you can see them in our news and articles section. We also write about the industry of charity, philanthropy and anything else we can think of.