Charity Focus – S.H.E. UK – £500 donation

The Ten Percent Foundation donated £500 to S.H.E. UK in 2023, a Nottingham-based charity, after a nomination from Jayne Sullivan at Bryan & Armstrong in Mansfield.

Who are they?

S.H.E. UK. is a Registered Charity based in Nottinghamshire that offers a holistic range of support services for survivors of childhood abuse, exploitation and violence.

How they help

Telephone Support
We recognise that when survivors reach out for support, they need it now. Our telephone support service is available to those waiting to start therapy with us. We will arrange a weekly or fortnightly call to help with coping strategies in the ‘here and now’ and help with signposting to other services to address other challenges as they arise.

We offer clients up to two years of weekly therapy. This service is delivered by both qualified and trainee therapists who are undertaking their counselling qualifications. Long-term therapy is one of our core values at SHE UK. While we recognise that for some short-term interventions can be useful, we feel longer-term counselling is the most effective for survivors of such trauma.

SHE-roes group
The SHE-roes Lounge is a female peer support group. The aim of these sessions is to provide survivors with a safe space to meet people who have similar experiences, aid self-development through a range of educational courses and reduce feelings of isolation. The Lounge is held every Tuesday and is facilitated by qualified therapists.

Reply from the charity

“Firstly, may I say another huge thank you for the donation we received last year. The £500 you kindly gave allowed us to provide 6 hours of therapy to survivors of abuse. Six hours of addressing trauma, six hours of taking back control of their lives. This year we would put any donation to the outreach therapy service we have set up in the north of Nottinghamshire, where services like ours simply don’t exist locally for people. By setting up a small service in the Bassetlaw district we can reach more people who need our help who wouldn’t normally be able to engage. That district is a mix of urban and rural and transport links are poor never mind the cost. So, by placing ourselves there we create an opportunity to support individuals directly as well as their families and the local community indirectly.” Lisa Lenton, Chief Executive, S.H.E. UK.

What is this all about?

Ten-Percent Legal, Interim Lawyers and Jonathan Fagan Business Brokers donate 10% of annual net profits to charity via the Ten Percent Foundation, a charitable trust set up by our group of companies to distribute monies to charities in the UK and Africa. We have been doing this for over 20 years. The Foundation never incurs any administration costs (other than Triodos bank charges, which are minimal). All monies donated are distributed to charities and community organisations.

Why do we donate?

We set up our companies over 20 years ago intending to be ethical in everything we do. As part of this, we decided that a percentage of our profits should always be earmarked for charitable work and set the rate at ten percent. A sudden burst of inspiration meant we called ourselves the Ten Percent Group.

Nominations 2024

We received over 60 charity nominations from academic clients, business clients, locums, solicitors, transcribers (via our sister company TP Transcription Limited) and staff. We have a strict list of criteria in relation our donating which is available on the Ten Percent Foundation website. Donations tend to be within the range of £500-£2000 per charity per year, although in the past we have supported charities over a period of 5 years with donations going towards specific ongoing projects. We will publishing the list of charities we are donating to in 2024 shortly. It includes S.H.E. UK.

If you have any questions about the work of the Ten Percent Foundation, please email or visit our website at