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Cure Parkinson’s Trust

Dear Jonathan

This is great news! On behalf of everyone at Cure Parkinson’s, I’d like to thank the Ten Percent Foundation for your recent donation of £500.00. Your continued support is highly valued.

It’s an exciting period for us as we emerge from lockdown and the last few months has seen some big changes for us as a charity. Our research is beginning to restart, and very recently funding for new Parkinson’s research has been agreed by our Trustees. This includes a stem cell research project, an extension to the PD Frontline project which is recruiting for our future phase 3 ambroxol trial, and a trial investigating new diabetes drugs for their effectiveness in slowing Parkinson’s.

The Covid-19 lockdown was difficult for clinical trials across the UK. Yet, here at Cure Parkinson’s we never stopped. Instead, we innovated. And in many cases, trials continued operating as much as they could remotely. By now that we’re emerging from lockdown, with trials properly re-opening, and funding for new research being approved, it really is full steam ahead for us now.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,


Simon Green

Trusts Officer

Cure Parkinson’s

120 New Cavendish Street



Office: +44 (0)20 7487 3892

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