Since 2018 we have started a new service to manage charitable donations to ensure that 100% of your money goes straight to a deserving and identifiable charitable cause. It is a real problem in the charity sector and we go to some length to make decisions on who we donate to.

For example, in 2017 we had a number of nominations made for donation and we undertook research to determine which charities we wanted to help. We have been in the middle of some longer term commitments in recent years, but these are ending shortly.

Click here to read our article on the 2017 donations.

Donations without Adminstration Costs

The easiest way of getting 100% of your money to us without administration costs is to Bank Transfer it over. This way Paypal, Stripe, Barclays Bank, Justgiving, etc.. etc.. do not get any of your donation. 100% goes straight to your chosen charities as we do not charge or incur any administration fees.

To request details of our bank account for making a bank transfer please email us at or call us if preferred on 01824 780937.