Rights of Women

Rights of Women £750 donation

The trustees of the Ten Percent Foundation decided to donate £750 to the Rights of Women charity based in London as part of our 2022 donations. The charity was nominated by one of our clients who had direct experience of their services who sent us the information below..

What does the charity do?

“RIghts of Women provide free specialist legal advice lines for women who are survivors of domestic abuse and violence. Their unique service is literally life saving, assisting women to understand their rights, make informed choices and access help so they and their children can live in safety.”

“During some of the most difficult times in their lives, women who have experienced violence and domestic abuse need specialist support to understand their legal rights and feel empowered to make safe and informed choices. However, many women are denied this vital information and support simply because they can’t afford it. Without this information and support women are left unaware of their options and have to face the complex legal system alone.”


“Rights of Women are the only frontline women’s legal rights charity in England and Wales. Our free and confidential telephone advice lines empower women to escape abusive situations and access justice through the law. Our advice is provided by our small staff and volunteer team of specialist women lawyers, who support over 3000 women callers each year, but there are many more women who still desperately need our help. We need more help to meet the demand for our telephone advice lines.”

Quotes from users

I was assaulted as a child. I felt powerless to confront my abuser, then, but not this time. I called Rights of Women and they gave me reassurance and believed me, I will never forget the calls… they were amazing. I didn’t want to live at one point, they made me feel strong again.

The advice you gave me previously totally changed things for me, completely changed things. The police turned around, put a superintendent on the case and started a fresh inquiry. Your advice completely changed the situation, every aspect of it.

You’ve given me an option I didn’t know I had. I can’t let him do this to me any longer, you’ve given me an option. You have empowered me with knowledge, more than I’ve had.

When I left my home I thought that I would never be able to go back. Rights of Women told me my rights and gave me the confidence to represent myself in court, something which I never thought possible. I’ve since obtained both orders and am so relieved that both my children and I are finally safe.

You have solved so much of my anxiety. Women like me are so lost without people like you… when you are the victim there is not much support… is a lonely time so is really valuable to have someone.

They’re a fantastic organisation and one that has personally helped me a great deal. They would also be a perfect fit for your organisation as I know that many of your clients are in this position.

How will the donation help?

Estelle du Boulay, the director of Rights of Women, said: “The donation will be spent on operating our helplines, specifically supporting women survivors of domestic abuse and/or sexual violence who are in urgent need to access our free specialist legal advice. On behalf of our small team at Rights of Women, thank you so much for helping women access justice and safety through the law.”

Further information

For further details about the charity please visit their website here: www.rightsofwomen.org.uk