British Stammering Association (BSA) £2,000 donation 2019

British Stammering Association (BSA) £2,000 donation 2019

Email received from the BSA Helpline Manager Lee Millam:

Hi Jonathan

Thank you so much for your email and confirming we can use your grant towards the Information and Support Service. I really appreciate the ongoing support of the Ten-Percent Foundation.

For a number of years, the Ten-Percent Foundation has supported the work of the British Stammering Association. This year’s grant from the Ten-Percent Foundation will help us operate our comprehensive helpline which responds to education queries, as well as questions from parents of children who stammer on a range of subjects from accessing speech therapy to building a child’s confidence to bullying and other schooling issues.

We are currently reviewing the helpline service, and we are planning longer opening hours and will be including the launch of a webchat service.

Thank you once again for the support.

With very best wishes to all at the Ten-Percent Foundation.

Kind regards,

Lee Millam
Helpline Manager
The British Stammering Association
15 Old Ford Road, London E2 9PJ
Helpline: 0208 880 6590
Reg Charity Nos 1089967/SC038866
Ltd Company registered in England No 4297778 –

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