Calon RDA Donation 2021

Hi Jonathan

Thank you, for the donation of £500. Here is a list of items we would use your donation for:

Alice reins – (Alice Reins “Buckle On” – our latest design is out now : Alice Reins (

specialised adjustable reins with loops to grip. The loops are easier to grip than conventional reins which is great for riders with Arthritis, Stroke, Cerebral palsy and generally weak arm muscles. Additionally they are useful for riders with learning disabilities who find managing and keeping their reins even difficult. The adjustability of the reins means that the loops can be set at different lengths which means they can be used for multiple horse and rider combinations.

Two new Bridles and Breastplates – we need breastplates for our participants that want to compete in showjumping. New bridles that match the saddle colours for dressage competitions – unfortunately riders loose marks if the tack colours don’t match!

Many thanks and best wishes,

Claire Howe

North Wales RDA West Counties Chair, Calon RDA Group Organiser

07546 772129