Long Covid Kids £500 Donation

Long Covid Kids £500 Donation

Charity Focus – Long Covid Kids – £500 donation

The Ten Percent Foundation recently donated £500 to Long Covid Kids, a charity based in WIltshire, after a nomination from Camile Alexis-Garsee at Middlesex University.

Who are Long Covid Kids?

Long Covid Kids (LCK) provides grassroots support and connection for families, children and young people living with symptoms of Long Covid. These services include:
A team of moderators facilitating peer-to-peer support, providing signposting, myth busting and addressing misinformation, and online hangout sessions provide a connection for young people with Long Covid. The charity maintains a volunteer team, guided by an educational psychologist and occupational therapists.

Organisation and Project Background

Sammie McFarland, CEO, founded Long Covid Kids in 2020 as a direct consequence of her daughter, Kitty, developing Long Covid from infection in the first wave of the pandemic. Kitty has not yet recovered: her symptoms include cognitive impairment, fainting, postural orthostatic tachycardia, extreme exhaustion, abdominal pain and nausea. And Kitty is far from alone – she is one of some estimated 50,000 children and young people currently living with Long Covid in the UK. Daily life is a challenge of pacing and careful planning to enable even the simplest activities that others take for granted.

Families face numerous challenges to access support for their children who are now living with-long term health challenges, varying degrees of disability, and low school attendance. A lack of understanding of Long Covid in children frequently results in a) medical professionals minimising symptoms; and b) schools pressurising children to attend school with poor understanding of their health condition or consequences.


The £500 Donation from the Ten Percent Foundation will be used to sustain support services – these cost just over £1,500 to run each and every month.

A parent using the charity said “Long Covid Kids was a huge help during the worst time of our son’s Long Covid with other people who were experiencing similar issues when we didn’t know of anyone around us going through it. Without it we would have felt incredibly isolated.”

What is this all about?

Ten-Percent Legal, Interim Lawyers and Jonathan Fagan Business Brokers donate 10% of annual net profits to charity via the Ten Percent Foundation, a charitable trust set up by our group of companies, to distribute monies to charities in the UK and Africa. We have been doing this for over 20 years. The Foundation never incurs any administration costs (other than bank charges which are minimal). All monies donated are distributed to charities and community organisations.

Why do we donate?

We set up our companies over 20 years ago with the aim of being ethical in everything we did. As part of this we decided that a percentage of our profits should always be earmarked for charitable work and set the rate at ten percent. A sudden burst of inspiration meant we called ourselves the Ten Percent Group.

Nominations 2023

We received over 35 charity nominations from academic clients, business clients, locums, solicitors, transcribers (via our sister company TP Transcription Limited) and staff. Decisions have been made to award c£25k to 17 charities and we will be writing about each successful charity over the next year.

We have a strict list of criteria in relation our donating which is available on the Ten Percent Foundation website.

Donations tend to be within the range of £500-£2000 per charity per year, although in the past we have supported charities over a period of 5 years with donations going towards specific ongoing projects.

If you have any questions about the work of the Ten Percent Foundation, please email jonathan@tptranscription.co.uk or visit our website at https://tenpercentfoundation.org